17 Handy Tricks Every IPhone Owner Should Know

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If you're any thing like me, your iPhone never leaves your part, as an extra appendage. The built-in camera adobe flash on the new iPhone won't compare to using off-camera lights. You should use professional video lamps in a couple of various ways. The Westcott Ice Lights are some of our favorite flexible lights, but if you are on a budget, you can also hack collectively a decent light kit from Home Depot at under $100.

At the beach and want to hear some tunes? Did your stereo system just kick the bucket right as your home party started picking right up? When one iPhone just won't cut it, you can use AmpMe for connecting with other mobile phones at exactly the same time. Every connected mobile phone will then play the monitor simultaneously, creating your very own makeshift surround-sound system. The only necessity is that everyone needs to have AmpMe downloaded on the phone and become connected via Bluetooth. You can play music from your iTunes library or stream it through Spotify or YouTube. AmpMe also works on Android devices. Think about your party saved.

You could always use cellular data when in public, turning off Wi-Fi in configurations, but that's not always useful, especially with the info caps on most cell data plans. Fortunately, there's a great choice: a VPN, or digital private network. Using a good VPN means that all your network traffic is tunneled through an encrypted link with a server located someplace else.

Even though the photos of the plants turned out effectively, I seem to remember portrait setting working a bit better on objects on phones such as the iPhone 8 Plus than it does now. Instead of looking for your lost tape measure the the next time you want to get a rough measurement of something, open the new Measure application on your iPhone. The app uses augmented fact to measure items and then provides in leads to Imperial or Metric.

To stimulate these features go to Configurations > General > Ease of access > Zoom. and spy text - stovedate07.diowebhost.com write an article, that means you need to win the numbers to light them up. There will also be some new USUALLY DO NOT Disturb modes, including one which dims the phone display and hides notifications on the lock display screen at bedtime. Notifications is now able to be grouped collectively or turned completely off.

then the users need to select on manage your apple identification option. One big new feature that's sure to please most iPhone owners is the addition of a fast charger in the box. But a still better option for selfies - and one which is far less widely known - is to use the volume button with an attached couple of headphones. There's plenty of other rumours about these smartphones and here's all the new features that could be arriving in the approaching weeks.

The trio of iPhones Apple is in the middle of moving out this fall may look a lot like the iPhone X that motivated them, right down to the notched shows. But have a closer go through the just-released iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max or the still-to-come iPhone XR , and you will see that a lot's changed. Through the processor that's working the show to the new color and display size options, there are plenty of new features to explore with Apple's latest hardware. Here are the 10 iPhone changes and improvements that have caught our attention.